card: all i ever wanted

all i ever wanted

by | Apr 13, 2021

All I ever wanted was this cup of coffee and the sound of those robins waking up the neighborhood, a sort of random day off with nothing better to do than finish that book, practice painting peonies for pages and pages, to gaze at this tabby cat sleeping in a basket high up on a shelf, her tiny snores keeping me company while I balance the check book and put a stamp on renewing my car tabs. 

All I ever wanted was this patchwork quilt on a spare bed for my mama when she visits, another chance to hug her, the memory of soaking our feet in the tub after a long day of shopping, to fight again over who gets to pay the bill after a dinner out, hearing that story again, not because it’s so interesting, but just because I like the way she tells it.

All I ever wanted was safe passage through menopause, to someday stop shaving my legs and wearing mascara, for those chin hairs to stop growing back, one two three pairs of reading glasses, clear mammograms and no cavities, to believe that my most beautiful days are ahead and not behind me. 

Card from TellMe Insight Cards, Vol. II. Take five minutes on the page today and see where this card leads you. xoxo

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