Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.

-Brene Brown

What would you write about if you were not afraid?

Writing can be risky business. There are things I don’t want to write about and maybe it’s because I think if I go down that road I may not be able to come back. So I’m protective and I might write about safer or happier things. Or I might not write at all – I might convince myself that I’m not a good writer, so why bother.

But in doing that, I reject the real story, the truth of what’s occurring inside me and I keep the scary stuff, the stuff that’s shaped a little like shame, locked up in a box in some corner of the attic.

When we are brave enough to shine a little light on what we fear by writing about it, the fear shrinks. It loses its power because when we write about it, we are surviving it in a way. We show ourselves that we can come face to face with it and we’re ok. We’re still here.

That kind of showing up is like a muscle. If we can do a lot of reps, even with small things that we are afraid to face, we get stronger, lighter, braver.


And courage in writing starts to become courage in life.

How It Works

Receive eight audio workshops over the course of four weeks. Each one includes Insight Writing® teachings, poetry inspiration and guided, timed-writing experiences you can download, keep forever, repeat as often as you like.

BRAVE Insight Writing workshops are entirely self-guided, each running 20-30 minutes. Start when you’re ready, go at your own pace – nibble or devour. I’ll lead you every step of the way.

No class to attend, no audience looking on, no forum to keep up with. This is private, intimate and all yours. Though I will offer you some ways to connect and share if you’re inclined.

Each workshop is crafted individually, NOT a recording of a live class. Every session provides a new theme, new content and new discovery.

And if you need encouragement or guidance, I’m always just a click away. Always by your side.


  • Uncover thoughts, feelings and themes that are important to express
  • Write your true stories, your inner dialogue, your passing thoughts to evoke new self-awareness
  • Practice presence and allowing your creative unconscious to be liberated
  • Get your words moving & forget about being a ‘good writer’
  • ‘Open the kimono’ and uncover your authentic writing voice
  • Transform your writing into a healing COURAGE practice


Anytime Insight Writing Series

Each workshop offers Insight Writing teachings alongside beautiful poems about fear, courage and risk-taking used as doorways to our own writing together.

I’ll set the timer and give you some lines to nudge the pen forward on the paper, each time asking you to open just a little further to your innate brave spirit. I’ll be right by your side the whole way.

First workshop delivers the day after registering. And all content is downloadable, yours to keep or repeat forever.

Eight Audio Workshops
One Via Email every 3-4 days
Start Anytime – Finish Anytime
$97 USD

Tapping into that shaky and tender place has a transformative effect. Being in that place may feel uncertain and edgy but it’s also a big relief. Just to stay there, even for a moment, feels like a genuine act of kindness to ourselves.

-Pema Chodron

Excellent Questions!

What if I'm not practiced at writing?

If you enjoy writing letters, a journal, silly little poems or stories – then you will absolutely enjoy Insight Writing. Insight Writing is not for perfecting or publishing. We just come as we are, let ourselves open and keep the pen moving. No need to edit or police your grammar. This is the one place where you can leave everything you know about ‘good writing’ outside the door when you arrive.

Do I have to share my writing?

You may choose to keep your writing private. No class to attend, no forum for sharing. You get to keep this experience all to yourself if you like.

But if you’re looking for some connection and community, we’ve got that too. And I’ll give you all the details after we get started.

What if I run out of things to write about?

I’ll talk a little about this in your workshops and give you a few ways to keep the pen moving. I’ll offer you some alternative prompts each time we write, so if one isn’t leading into fertile territory, perhaps another will.

At any time, you are free to write about absolutely anything that feels compelling – veer off in another direction, make a list, write a letter or even describe what it feels like to run out of things to write about. Listen to the conversation that is ever-present in your heart and let those thoughts transform into words. Whatever you write is what needs to be said. Promise.

Do you offer refunds?

Because there are no refunds offered, please be mindful when purchasing. My aim is to give you a great writing experience. So if you need support in any way, I’m right by your side to help care for you. Please reach out. I am here for you.


I cannot think of a better leader to take you into the depths of this work. Cynthia is a deep and natural writer. Work with her.

Laurie Wagner, 27powers.org

Writing with Cynthia, I'm repeatedly awed by her honesty. She reminds me of the wonder that surrounds us and that yes, it is possible to hold all the contradictions of this life by laying them down on the page: beauty, pain, silliness, small details. Cyn's got some real magic in her. And when you write with her, you'll realize you've got magic in you, too.

Liz Culpepper, lizculpepper.com

There is no way to participate in one of your workshops without being struck by the love that unfolds. Inspired by the raw emotion, the vulnerability, the sheer awesomeness that emerges from the power of showing up fully.


Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of time to join a workshop.  If you are not an experienced journaler or writer, you will soon be enjoying the journey.  If this is not new to you, Cyn will take you to the next level of finding your inner voice.  Our group had a broad range of experience, so we learned from each other.  I quickly felt I was at "home" with a group of good friends.


Thanks for always holding a safe place for me to come and work thru the messiness of life -- you help me find treasures and throw out the junk. Everyone should have a "Cyn" in their lives!!


My only concern was that, as a non-journaler, I would be staring at a blank page asking me “so, what are you feeling”.  What happened instead is that I was guided through a series of inspiring prompts that got my brain and heart moving.


The process of writing together in a supportive group was unlike anything I had done before. I felt lighter afterward like I had taken off a heavy backpack. This could be addicting!


Cyn gave me a pearl of wisdom, “You have to give yourself permission to not be perfect.  You have to give yourself permission to do things differently.  You have to give yourself permission…”  Words I will never forget!  From that moment on I had a shift in my thinking.


You are just straight up you. You come across as completely and delightfully grounded. What you made happen seemed so natural and seamless. What a privilege to have been in this experience. To be in the company of other people taking risks, so great.

I appreciated having a consistent community of writers to circle up with each week. Writing with others and sharing my writing out loud at times felt uncomfortable but it also felt gratifying. This process of creative writing was fun. It reset my perspective and was a welcome release.

I expect it will also translate to better writing in the future. The process of writing with pen and paper and in a group setting is a great experience. We rarely write like this anymore. And the online format makes it easy to participate. It feels good to write for fun for a change!