closeup of Cyn


by | May 11, 2021

From far away, I’m your typical middle-aged lady in socks and sandals, squinting to read the label on the bottle of antacid in aisle twelve in the supermarket. I might be someone’s mom, someone’s wife, even though I’m neither. You might think I’m unhappy because my natural born expression is WTF, my modus operandi is bracing for the impact of the next calamity. From afar, you can’t see my courage or humor. You wouldn’t know that I cut my own hair in a fit of frustration this morning. 

But close-up, you’ll see the jagged edges. You’ll find a glint of true kindness in my eyes, with a sliver of sadness that means I’ll stay with you when it’s one of those days. Close-up, you’ll find paint under my fingernails and the scent of Bergamot in my hair. You’ll notice deep crevices forming on my face from fifty years of worry and unmet expectations. You’ll meet someone who will look you in the eye and really see you in there. Close-up, I will speak to you gently and listen to your stories. 

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