by | Apr 30, 2017


Let’s start here

in a house that is ready for company.

Here, the dust bunnies that hide

under furniture are wrangled,

800 thread count sheets ready

to stretch out over a sofa sleeper.

Here, the sidewalk is swept and I wonder if

I might plant pansies or petunias like the neighbors.

I bet visitors expect a few petunias.

Here, I keep a few sodas I don’t normally drink

and there are places for four butts to sit

in the living room and around the dining table.

Here, where the kitchen cupboards

hold service for eight

just in case.

There’s a hook for every coat to hang

and a spot for every shoe to rest

on a braided rug.

What color shall I paint this room?

What color would make them feel at home?

What color would make them stay here a little longer?


Copyright Cynthia Berg 2017


  1. Susan

    Can’t wait to come back to your sweet space to sit on your porch. So inviting & relaxing. I’m thinking a shade of subtle green for your space.

    • Cyn

      And so many gifts from you all around – you are never far away. xoxo


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