Insight Writing takes us beyond words on a page.

No matter what struggle has appeared in my life, I’ve always found solid ground in the ability to make something from nothing, as one does with a camera, a paintbrush or a blank page.

It is this creative unconscious energy, along with a sense of mindfulness and compassionate self-care, that has brought forth Insight Writing® and my own healing.

When we let go of perfection and allow the voice of our true stories to be expressed, we begin to understand who we really are underneath the costumes we wear in everyday life.

We can reconnect to our true selves and relax into the parts of us that hold wisdom and insight. We can give our busy, strategic brain a time-out and just write without judgement or constant analysis. This is less about writing well and more about practicing freedom.

The heart of my work is showing people how to transform a writing practice into a healing FREEDOM practice.


We begin workshops with a quick ‘firestarter’ to call the creative unconscious out to play. I read from a contemporary poem to awaken our stories. We borrow a line that inspires us to move the pen on the page for short timed writing sessions.

When the writing’s done, we ‘open the kimono’ alongside other beautiful humans by sharing the gift of our words with each other. We listen, we offer deep gratitude, we see ourselves in the reflection of each others’ voices.

It’s always intimate, dripping with truth and feels surprisingly liberating. Let’s begin!


Connection is the cure for everything. When two or more people come together and open themselves up to be seen, heard and known, magical things begin to take place.

Let’s create a single or series of workshops just right for your group.


  • Live Virtual Workshops
  • In-Person Workshops + Retreats
  • Professional Team + Therapeutic Client Groups

It has been therapeutic and helps me understand myself more to be able to write from the heart, exploring different feelings in the past, present and looking to the future. It’s fun to be all sides of myself…like wearing different hats…sometimes funny, sometimes sad, real and some good creative writing.


Workshop Insight Writer


Anytime Workshop Series

Learn the heart of Insight Writing® with beautiful poems about fear, courage and risk-taking used as doorways to your own writing. I’ll set the timer and give you some lines to nudge the pen forward on the paper, each time asking you to open just a little further to your innately brave spirit. I’ll be right by your side the whole way.


  • Start Anytime – Finish Anytime
  • Eight Audio Workshops – New one every 3-4 days

I’m getting through the sessions at a slower pace that is just right for me! I specifically loved all the poems that were brought to each session and read out loud. The timing for some of the pieces was uncanny. Sometimes they were related directly to something that was on my mind or a trip I was currently on.

I was amazed by what I was able to uncover with each session. Coach Cyn has an intuitive touch and she is a strong guide who gives you space to be you. There’s no judgment. You’re free to explore what you love about yourself as well as the deeper darker, more hidden parts of yourself. I have gained so much from this experience and journey I’m on in which I am trying to discover who I am.


Brave Insight Writer

TellMe Insight Cards™

A deck of 120 beautiful and provocative cards to nudge you into writing your story or striking up a meaningful conversation with someone. Let a card invite you into your story while you uncover the details and insights that are hiding just under the surface. Let these be the real-est, truest stories you have ever told.

TellMe Insight Cards are a natural gift for introspective folks, journalers and bloggers. They’re powerful tools for coaches, therapists, teachers or group leaders. They make an unforgettable game among friends. Or give a card away with a handwritten note on the back.

Your TellMe Cards are so beautiful! The prompts are elegantly simple and inviting. I can’t wait to show my friends at our next dinner party.


TellMe Insight Writer