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random red

by | Sep 9, 2017



sassy gingham apron red

tender love poem red

rosacea on my cheeks and décolletage red

dried chili pepper in a beaded glass jar red

vintage smoking jacket in the back of my closet red

faded cowgirl boots I just had to have red

chippy red door two doors down red

come hither lingerie red

scarlet inkpen red

hearts on an old valentine red

good conduct medal red

crimson holly berries on a Christmas pillow red

that nail polish I wore at my wedding red

dashes of cranberries in my chicken salad red

clearance sale banner flapping in the wind red

brick paver crosswalk red

tiny ruby beads on dangly earrings red

burning shame red

zesty chorizo drippings on my napkin red

modern enamel tea kettle red

lonely empty terra cotta pot red

rusty nailheads in a fruit crate red

fuck you I’m leaving red

heartshaped nose on a grey tabby cat red

sirens calling down Hamline Avenue red

do not enter sign red

red flags – literal and figurative – red

the day after he left swollen eyes red

81 Plymouth Horizon TC3 red

Robert Palmer girl lipstick red

corduroy sofa in Persian red

third bloody mary red


Copyright Cynthia Berg 2017


  1. Randy L

    Thanks. I loved the images that come from you reading it.

  2. B



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