the BIG write :: July 2017

by | Jul 4, 2017

the BIG write :: July 2017

by Cynthia Berg

:30    Who I am & how this started
2:26   Why “the BIG write”
4:25   Reading a little something from Anele Rubin
7:44   How we write
9:39   10 Minute timed write
20:54  The magical thing
24:00  End

Anele Rubin:

Laurie Wagner:

Copyright Cynthia Berg 2017


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What is the BIG write?


  • a podcast
  • a kind of ‘flash mob’ of inspired writing
  • a celebration of writers & writing teachers
  • a free, write-along Insight Writing sample
  • fuel for our writing this month
  • a writing community collaboration
  • a freedom practice

How to Share Your Writing


  • read some of it to a trusted friend over coffee
  • post a line or two, along with a candid photo, on social media
  • blog it or share an audio reading on Soundcloud
  • post an excerpt in the comments here
  • email it or send a recording to Cyn at [email protected]
  • leave an anonymous copy at a coffee shop
  • #thebigwrite
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