Connection is the cure for everything. When two or more people come together and open themselves up to be seen, heard and known, magical things begin to take place.

Live Virtual Workshops

Let’s create a workshop that can include your entire group from all corners of the globe. Using Zoom technology, webcams and microphones, you’ll be surprised at how intimate and personal our circle will become and how rich the connection can be.


  • Create a single virtual workshop or series of Insight Writing® workshops for a circle of friends or your coaching client groups
  • Hire me to facilitate a TellMe Insight Card™ session for your virtual retreat

What’s special about Insight Writing? Friendships that start with writing together on Friday morning, sometimes still tired, writing in pj’s, coffee, tea, water in hand and sometimes these friendships extend forward into life. I feel accepted and appreciated and can write freely knowing I am not being judged or criticized. That is hard to find.

It has been therapeutic and helps me understand myself more to be able to write from the heart, exploring different feelings in the past, present and looking to the future. It’s fun to be all sides of myself…like wearing different hats…sometimes funny, sometimes sad, real and some good creative writing.


Virtual Insight Writer

In-Person Workshops + Retreats

There something special about gathering together in-person to learn and share with each other. To look into another’s eyes as they tell their story, reveal some true thing that has been hiding, to see the nodding heads and sounds of understanding as you, yourself, ‘open the kimono’ just a bit for others to see the real you – it can be liberating and transformative.


  • Arrange a single or series of Insight Writing workshops in your private home or cozy venue for a trusted circle of friends in the Twin Cities area
  • Hire me to facilitate a TellMe Insight Card icebreaker or workshop at a weekend retreat

I was amazed by what I was able to uncover with each session. Coach Cyn has an intuitive touch and she is a strong guide who gives you space to be you. There’s no judgment. You’re free to explore what you love about yourself as well as the deeper darker, more hidden parts of yourself. I have gained so much from this experience and journey I’m on in which I am trying to discover who I am.


Insight Writer

Organizational Workshops

Insight Writing can be a powerful experience for organizational teams or for therapeutic groups in recovery from addiction, trauma or illness. Not only a practice in vulnerability and freedom to share oneself, Insight Writing is also a practice in compassionate listening to others sharing their stories and insights.


  • Hire me to facilitate a single or series of Insight Writing or TellMe Insight Card workshops for your therapeutic client groups in the Twin Cities area
  • Convene a professional or student workshop to discover the power of TellMe Insight Cards as a means for building a culture of trust and meaningful networking

Your approach is similar to that of a good yoga teacher: you invite practice; you anticipate tensions or obstacles and you offer possible solutions; and you do these things with a spirit of exploration, curiosity, and generosity.

I’m really enjoying the experience, even when it’s tough.


Insight Writer

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