Let a card lead you into the realest, true-est stories you have ever told.

This deck of 120 beautiful and provocative cards will nudge you into writing your story or striking up a meaningful conversation with someone. Let the cards invite you deeper into your story, while you uncover the details and insights that are hiding just under the surface – forgotten memories, hidden desires or even the preciousness of the present moment.

TellMe Insight Cards™ are a natural gift for introspective folks, journalers and bloggers. They’re powerful tools for teams, coaches, therapists, teachers or group leaders. They make an unforgettable game among friends or give a card away with a handwritten note on the back.


Draw a random card. Write about it – in your journal, on your blog, a personal letter, the beginnings of a memoir or poem. Don’t look for the best card – let the card choose you.

Set a timer for just five or ten minutes and keep the pen moving the whole time. Say yes to whatever words are coming – no need to pick better words or fuss over where the commas should go.

Once complete, read your writing aloud. Let yourself HEAR your words, in your own voice. Listen to the beauty of your true story unfold just the way it came out onto the page.


In pairs or a group, use a random card to invoke personal storytelling (and practice compassionate listening). Take turns drawing a card without searching for the best card – let the right card choose you.

Read the card aloud and take five minutes to speak freely without judgment, to pause when needed, to continue until time is up. Talk about whatever comes to mind, even if it veers into new territory.

Listen thoughtfully and with mindful attention – no crosstalk, criticism, or advice-giving. Offer only positive, loving acknowledgment before the next person draws from the deck.


Use a card as a conversation starter with a new or old friend. Get beyond exchanging business cards and learn about someone through their personal stories, memories and insights.

Share your writing on social media, use #tellmeic to help us find you. Publish your story on Medium, on a blog or in a book. Allow yourself to be seen and known through your stories.

Send your story to a friend, a trusted and supportive circle or to me. Tell me, anytime – [email protected].  Expect deep appreciation and loving encouragement.

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